How to create an authentic personal brand online that CONNECTS you to your audience

WHEN: Australia – 27 October, 8am AEST
US & UK – 26 October 5pm EST/2pm PST/9pm BST
WHERE: Online

We buy from our emotions (and justify our purchases with logic). Yet so much advertising focuses on features and benefits, leading to a disconnect between you and your audience.

Connection marketing doesn’t feel like selling. It speaks to the heart and has the authenticity to tell it like it is. It’s marketing that actually helps and inspires people to want a deeper connection with your brand through impactful storytelling.

For your marketing to connect with your audience and be memorable, you have to be prepared to invest your time, be generous with your expertise, share your experiences that solves their problems, and be heartfelt, open and willing to help.

You need to focus on offering solutions that are relevant to how they are feeling now, and to connect with your clients and prospects on a deeper emotional level. They’ve been through a really tough time with the Covid-19 pandemic and you need to adapt your marketing message to suit.

Today, if you’re running a vegan business, nonprofit or have a side hustle, you’re expected to be doing everything: Video, photography, Instagram Stories, Facebook Live, sophisticated sales funnels, webinars and have high a performing website that captures leads, converts them into real business while continually pumping out content that inspires!

There’s so much information about what we “should” be doing, that sometimes it all feels a bit too overwhelming, so we stick to doing it the way we’ve always done it … but then you don’t grow.

Melissa Scott, founder of Divine Creative Agency is here to help you through the minefield of content creation and branding online.

Her personal mission is to impact over a million business owners, brand and marketing managers through making their businesses and brands cut through all the ‘noise’ with Connection Marketing so they can achieve the success they deserve.

In this 60-minute presentation, you’ll learn:

  • • How to be authentic and likeable in your social media marketing• Why you should bring your personal life into your content – and how to do this without feeling like you’re selling your soul!• How to create trust online that will help you win new clients, alliance partners or even a a new job• How to decide what to share, especially in regards to controversial or divisive topics

    • Tips for developing your self-confidence when appearing on video and making presentations

    • The benefits of putting yourself at the front of your business


Melissa is passionate about working with business owners and brands that share her enthusiasm for creativity, inspiration, connection and really turning industries on their heads by doing things differently to how it’s always been done.

She is the founder and director of Divine Creative Agency and also has an online education course called Connection Marketing – Rockstar Brand Edition. Divine Creative Agency has been running for over 20 years providing services around branding, content creation, high performance websites and online marketing strategies, and video.

Her clients range from small businesses to large companies turning over $500M. But it’s not the size that counts, it’s about the synergy and the shared passion at reaching clients through storytelling and building connection, and building solid strategies and action plans that get long-term sales and marketing results.

Divine Creative is a complete content production and marketing agency, focusing on connecting your brand and digital footprint with relevant content that gets shared and inspires customers to want to spend money with your business.


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